Wind Music

Sonata for clarinet and piano 2003 15'
Manuscript with composer

1st perf: David Campbell (clt), Julius Drake (pf), Isle of Man Bank Auditorium, Erin Arts Centre, 2003 Mananan International Festival.
(dir: John Bethell MBE), 1 July 2003.
1st US perf: 2003 International Clarinet Association Conference,
Salt Lake City, David Campbell (clt), Roger Steptoe (pf), 9 July 2003,
Libby Gardner Hall, University of Utah.

Duo for Oboe & Harp 1991 8'
Stainer & Bell Ltd. London

1st perf: Hilary Palmer (ob), Danielle Perrett (hp), Newbury Spring Festival, 15 May 1991.

Concerto for Clarinet & Strings 1989 27'
Stainer & Bell Ltd. London

Solo clarinet & strs

Commissioned by the 1989 Harrogate International Festival with funds provided by Yorkshire Arts.
1st perf: David Campbell (cl), Guildhall String Ensemble (Robert Salter dir.), Ripon Cathedral, 2 August 1989.
1st broadcast perf: same players, 18 November 1989, BBC Radio 3.
1st French perf: Nicolas Baldyerou (cl), Orchestre d'Auvergne, Arie van Beek (cond), Eglise Saint-Genès les Carmes, Clermont-Ferrand, 9 March 2001.

''..... marvellous lucidity.... The textures are clear and the harmonies sweet but with the odd touch of picquancy.''
David Campbell, Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine

''Son Concerto pour clarinette et cordes, donné en création française, n'est pour autant une oeuvre de compromis. La pureté et la beauté du langage harmonique des deux mouvements lents qui ouvrent et concluent cette pièce, conjuguent de toute leur évidence la ligne de chant des cordes et de l'instrument soliste. Son lyrisme, toujours très ciselé, organisé et une élégante distinction, se déroule en de longues périodes d'une poétique éloquence.''
La Montagne, Centre France, Clermont-Ferrand.

Two Studies for Bassoon & Piano 1983 7'
Stainer & Bell Ltd. London

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1st perf: Jean Owen (bsn), Hilary Punshon (pf),
Huddersfield Town Hall, 7 November 1983.

Concerto for Oboe & Strings 1982 23'
Stainer & Bell Ltd. London

Solo oboe & strs
1st perf: Valerie Taylor (ob), Northern Chamber Orchestra, Howard Nelson (cond), Victoria Community Centre, Crewe, 10 January 1984.
1st London perf: Nigel Shore (ob), Phoenix Chamber Orchestra, Julian Bigg (cond), St John's Smith Square, 3 May 1984.
1st broadcast perf. Gordon Hunt (ob), BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Sir Charles Groves (cond), 13 August 1990, BBC Radio 3.
1st commercial recording: Nora Cismondi (ob), Forum Sinfonietta, Paris, Jérôme Devaud (cond), Explora Concept 005. (2008)

''.... explore aspects of the noctural world using a richly chromatic harmonic language and lines of sinuous, supple beauty...''

The Musical Times, July 1992

''Roger Steptoe is a composer with something to say and a growing maturity in how to communicate his intentions. His Oboe Concerto proved to be a discursive work laid out in two sections combining technical brilliance with thoughtful reflection.''

Denby Richards, Hampstead & Highgate Express, May 1984.

Listen (extracts):
audio I Elegiaco - Agitato - Elegiaco
audio II Allegro - Cadenza - Andante ma con poco moto
from CD: Explora Concept EC005
Nora Cismondi (oboe), Forum Sinfonietta/Jérôme Devaud

Two Impromptus for solo clarinet 1978 6'
Stainer & Bell Ltd. London

1st perf: David Campbell (cl), Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, 21 November 1978.
1st London perf: David Campbell, Wigmore Hall, 1 June 1983.
1st broadcast perf: BBC Radio 3, David Campbell, 20 March 1987.

''The energy is apparent right from the first ffp note of the Molto drammatico introduction.''
David Campbell, Clarinet and Saxophone Magazine.

1st commercial recording, David Campbell (cl), Phoenix Records Musica Britannica Series DGS 1017 (1982).

''It (Clarinet Quintet) does not quite fill the record, which goes on to include two Impromptus for unaccompanied clarinet, as if to stress the point about understanding the instrument!''
Gramophone December 1982