Brass Music

Three Dances for solo horn 2013 5'
Editions BIM, Switzerland
ny fanfare
New York Fanfares for brass quintet 2011 11'
Editions BIM, Switzerland
ny fanfare
1st perf: New York Chamber Brass, 2nd May 2011, Conservatory of Music Choral Hall, Purchase College State University of New York, US.
Ballade for horn and chamber orchestra 2010 12'
Editions BIM, Switzerland
ny fanfare
Sonata for trumpet and organ 2008 15'
Editions BIM, Switzerland
sonata for trumpet and organ

signum sigcd306

1st perf: Graham Ashton (tpt), Christopher Jacobson (org), National Cathedral, Washington DC, 25 January 2009.

1st UK perf: Simon Desbruslais/David Maw, 5th November 2013, Chichester Cathedral.



Recorded on Signum Classics, SIGCD306

Sonata for tuba and piano 2007 17'
Editions BIM, Switzerland
sonata for trumpet and organ

1st perf: James Gourlay (tba), Aaron Shorr (pno), Concert Hall, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, 9 November 2007.
1st US perf: James Gourlay (tba), 2008 International Tuba and Euphonium Society's 2008 Conference, Cincinatti, US.

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Performed by James Gourlay

Douranda as Treva (Painting Darkness Gold) for two tubas and vibraphone 2005 6'
Editions BIM, Switzerland
sonata for trumpet and organ

1st perf: Sérgio Carolino and Anne Jelle Visser (tbas), Klaus Schwärzler (vib), Hochschule Musik und Theater, Zurich, 6 February 2006.
1st UK perf: James Gourlay and Toshiyuk Niizuma (tbas), Philip Hague (vib), Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, 6 October 2006.

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Four Sonnets for Brass Quintet 1984 20'
Stainer & Bell Ltd. London

Commissioned by Mrs Hilda Langston for the Albany Brass Ensemble.
1st perf: Albany Brass Ensemble (dir: Paul Archibald), Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London, 7 June 1984.
1st broadcast perf: BBC Radio 3, English Brass Ensemble (dir: Paul Archibald),
28 February 1991.

Concerto for tuba and strings 1983 15'
Stainer & Bell Ltd. London

Solo tuba & strs 5,4,3,3,2.

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Listen (extracts):
1. Con poco moto - poco più mosso - Allegro
2. Giocoso
3. Molto Calmo
Performed by James Gourlay (Tuba), Royal Ballet Sinfonia / Gavin Sutherland (cond)

1st perf: James Gourlay (tba), Terra Nova, Neil Thompson (cond), St John's Smith Square, London, 27 October 1986.
1st French perf: Mel Culbertson (tba), Orchestra de Besançon Franche-Conté, Peter Csaba (cond), Opéra Théâtre, Besançon, 5 April 2005.
1st Portuguese perf: Filipe Queiros (tba), Sinfonietta de Lisboa, Vasco Pearce de Azevedo (cond), 23 March 2006.
1st commercial recording: James Gourlay (tba), Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Gavin Sunderland (cond), Naxos 8,557754.

''Roger Steptoe’s Tuba Concerto is a work that was, until now, unknown to me. It’s in three movements and is a very welcome addition to our ever-growing, but still limited, repertoire. Each movement sings and, although twelve–toned, is very easy on the ears. The Royal Ballet Sinfonia under the direction of Gavin Sutherland provides excellent accompaniment and James Gourlay’s playing is awe-inspiring.''
Scott Mendoker.

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''Roger Steptoe's lyrical Concerto differs from orchestral tuba-writing, as it's usually in the higher register where a baritone singer might be singing or a cello might be playing, and that's a register that's not often exploited in orchestral writing. In the orchestra you're supporting the brass by being its foundation, but as a soloist you join those ranks of, if you like, baritone to tenor instruments, like the bassoon or the cello.''
"James Gourlay on the tuba repertoire" Interview by Martin Cullingford, The Gramophone, April 2006

''Roger Steptoe's Concerto from 1983 was new to me and explores some exquisite timbres and sepia-like images in its vocalised rhetoric.''
Jonathan Freeman-Attwood. The Gramophone, April 2006

''The opening movement moves with a purposefulness reminiscent of its counterpart in the Vaughan Williams [tuba] concerto. The second movement, a fleet scherzo, has the tuba dancing as fast as it can, without losing its essential character. The finale, a slow one, is genuinely beautiful.''
S.G.S. (May 2006)

''The atmospheric slow movements, especially the finale, feature a cobweb of gentle and wistful dissonance with nostalgia sidling in and out almost imperceptibly.''
Rob Barnett. Musicweb International (view the full review here)

''The composer has his own characteristic voice. The central scherzo features some fearsome virtuoso writing for the soloist, but in the slow, outer movements, the singing quality of the instrument is brought out even more powerfully. Compared to the other works on this disc (Vaughan Williams, Gregson, Golland) this is a rather weightier, more ambitious affair, and taken on its own terms it is most satisfying.''
William Hedley, Journal of the RVW Society.

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Sonata No. 3 for brass quintet 1982 12'
Stainer & Bell Ltd. London

Commissioned by the Albany Brass Ensemble with funds made available by the Arts Council of Great britain.

1st perf: Albany Brass Ensemble, St John's Smith Square, London, 17 December 1982.
1st broadcast perf: BBC Radio 3, Albany Brass Ensemble, Concert Hall, 23 November 1983.

Dance Music for symphonic brass 1976 8'
Editions BIM, Switzerland
sonata for trumpet and organ

6 tpts, 4 hns, 2 tbns, 1 b.tbn, tba, euph, timps, 2 perc.

1st perf: Marylebone Brass Consort (dir: Sidney Ellison), Brentwood Music Club,
14 October 1976.
1st French perf: Epsilon Euro Brass (dir: Franck Pulcini) Guy Condette (cond), Limoges, August 2000.
CNSM Lyon, Eric Crees (cond), 12 January 2000.
1st Spanish perf: Orquesta de Jovenes de Andalucia, Michael Thomas (cond), Malaga, July 2008.
1st Canadian perf: Symphonic brass ensemble, Conservatoire of Montreal, Quebec, 20th March 2009.
1st US perf: Purchase College, New York State University, 6th April 2009. Graham Ashton (cond).